Senior Scene January 18, 2016

Last week I wrote about the value of nutrition to a senior’s well-being, health, independence, and quality of life. It occurred to me that while the advice is valuable, the winter month’s often make it very difficult for seniors and older adults to access healthy food due to travel in adverse weather conditions, and the prohibitive cost of some items.  With that in mind, I am going to provide some information about local options for those who are interested in eating well without the worry of travel, shopping, and expense.

Community Care for South Hastings is pleased to offer a delicious alternative in Belleville (including Thurlow) and Deseronto area. We have wonderful volunteers that head out in almost any weather to deliver a piping hot meal to your door with a smile and a friendly “hello”.  In the Belleville area we deliver every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

On Tuesday you are welcome to join us at the Bay View mall for a delightful home-cooked meal and friendly conversation with fellow seniors. It is a great way to meet new friends or invite your current social group out for a really reasonably priced meal.

If you reside in the Deseronto area, our office would be pleased to arrange delivery of a hot meal at noon on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. They also provide a social dining opportunity in Deseronto on the first Wednesday of every month and the third Thursday of each month in Melrose.

Another meal option that can meet the needs of someone who might prefer a few more choices or to have their hot meal later in the day or to have food on hand for the weekend is our frozen meal delivery option. The frozen meals are prepared specifically to meet the nutritional and dietary needs of older adults without the excess sodium and fat content of traditional frozen meals from the grocery store.  We provide a ‘no cost’ delivery option on a weekly basis, or you can pick up your order at our offices.

I would be remiss if I excluded my readers from the south side of the Bay, so here is the information from my colleague in The County: Delivery to the door of a hot nutritious noon-time meal is available Monday, Wednesday and Friday to seniors living in Consecon, Carrying Place, Rossmore, Ameliasburgh, Picton, Bloomfield, Wellington, and environs. This means seniors have regular contact with a volunteer to help them stay safe and well in their own home. Call the Prince Edward Community Care office to learn about this and other services to help seniors live at home.  Call 613-476-7493.

So there you have it – easy solutions to the travelling, shopping, cooking issues that often arise as we get older. It also eliminates that ‘cooking for one’ situation that many single people face on a daily basis.  Our offices are open Monday to Friday at either location and all the contact information you need is below.  A friendly voice will greet you on the phone and provide all the details you need to access any of these wonderful services.