Donate to CCSH

Monthly Donation:

A monthly donation is a convenient way of giving and providing ongoing year-round support.  Separating your donation into monthly gifts makes it easy to be able to give more.

For example:
•    $100/month – only $3.28 a day
•    $50/month  – only $1.64 a day
•    $25/month  – only .82 cents a day
•    $10/month   – only .22 cents a day

You will receive one income tax receipt each January for all your monthly contributions for the previous calendar year. You may change or cancel your monthly gift at any time by contacting us by phone or email and giving us 30 days’ notice.

CCSH does not rent, sell or trade personal contact information.

Planned Giving:

Your planned gift to Community Care for South Hastings will produce a significant contribution, while providing in return a substantial tax and estate planning benefit.

Planned Giving is simply the commitment to leave a gift to a charity of one’s choice. Planned Giving is not only for the wealthy and regardless of your income or assets; almost anyone can plan a legacy gift that will support an organization you care about. NO planned gift is too small.

Leave a Legacy:

Community Care for South Hastings would like to become part of your estate plan. When you partner with us, only good things can happen. You will provide generous support for life – the life of every senior who comes to us for help.


When including a provision for CCSH in your will, you will want to make sure that your intention is stated clearly and that you have our correct name and address. It would be prudent if you or your adviser calls us before drafting the document to ensure that the information you are including is accurate. However you choose to give, we are committed to working with you, your family, executors and/or financial planners to ensue your charitable wishes are realized.


Next to writing a cheque, perhaps the best known vehicle for giving is the bequest. A bequest establishes your wishes today without relinquishing needed assets during your lifetime.   Bequests can transfer a specific asset. You can also give a percent of the estate after costs and taxes. Another good idea is to transfer property to a testamentary trust.

Life Insurance:

Live Insurance is the second most widely used type of planned gift in Canada. There are two types of planned gifts of life insurance.

  • A current gift of life insurance involves a transfer of ownership of the policy to the charity. The donor receives a tax receipt for cash surrender value, as well as for premiums paid after the policy is transferred.
  • A deferred gift of life insurance names the charity as the beneficiary of the policy. Eventually, the estate receives a tax receipt for the insurance proceeds.

Memorial Gifts – Remembering Loved Ones “Forever”

An “In Honour” donation is a unique way to celebrate those who are special to us.  At a special milestone birthday party or anniversary, request donations to Community Care for South Hastings in your honour instead of gifts.   If we have provided services for your loved one, please include us in the list of charities of choice.

Does your donation really make a difference? Yes! We could not exist without you!