Social and Safety

Friendly Visiting

Volunteers regularly visit clients in their homes providing friendship and support as well as checking on their health and safety. The volunteer may read, write letters, chat, play games, take a walk, or assist with an activity of daily living.

Telephone Security and Reassurance

Regular telephone contact provides friendship, support and reassurance to persons’ who are housebound or isolated. Referrals can be made to this program via the client themselves, a family member, a doctor, or through another agency. Telephone contact would be made either on a daily, weekly, bi weekly or monthly basis. In some instances, it is also just a friendly call if the family is expected to be away for a period of time and wishes to have someone contact their loved one on a regular basis. There is no fee attached to this program, however the client would have to be registered via an in home assessment with the agency.

Activity Group

An afternoon of therapeutic activities and social interaction in a group setting for eligible clients, to assist them in achieving and maintaining their maximum level of function. Weekly activities may include games, lunches, crafts, education and entertainment. Transportation may be arranged. A nominal cost applies.

These social and safety services are available through the Belleville office only.