Homemaking/Home Maintenance

This is a home support service that arranges for a brokered worker or local company to provide home maintenance and repair or provide home helpers to assist with household activities.

If you have had a recent hospital stay, or suffer from a chronic health concern, you may find it difficult to manage household tasks such as vacuuming, laundry, shoveling snow, cleaning windows and mowing the lawn.

Community Care for South Hastings interviews and security screens local professionals who offer these services to ensure these individuals are trustworthy, reliable, and enjoy working with seniors. We encourage them to offer their services at reasonable rates.

We maintain a list of workers who can assist with most of your home help needs. We will offer contact names and you can call and arrange the job with the individual of your choice or we can provide some guidance with your choice based on specific needs. You pay the service provider directly.

Indoor tasks include: Housekeeping, Plumbing, Drywall, Painting, Vacuuming, Laundry / Ironing, Small moves / packing, and many other household tasks!

Outdoor tasks include: Snow removal, Trips to the dump, Lawn and yard maintenance, Roofing / Eaves troughs, Garage doors, Windows, and many other tasks

Specialized services include: Geriatric Foot Care, Hair Care, Caregiver Respite, Meal Preparation, Assisted Shopping / Errands, Attendant Service, Gardening

Jobs you used to manage easily may be a challenge now. We can help you find the right person to lend a helping hand at a reasonable rate and we will follow up with our   clients to ensure they feel comfortable with the services provided.

For more details, please see our brochure below. To change pages, zoom in or out or to download the brochure, position your cursor over the brochure so that the tool bar appears at the bottom of the PDF image.

Service Arrangement Brochure


Please note: If you are interested in becoming a self-employed brokered worker for Community Care for South Hastings, please click here to submit an application.